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Jeff and Linda Herbert are the co-founder's and co-pastor's of Prophetic Life Ministries, a prophetic/apostolic ministry that believes Jesus saves, heals, and delivers. God has ordained and anointed them to bring spiritual restoration (Prophetic Life) to those who are lost, broken-hearted, without hope, blind, bound, and captive. Personal testimonies by many have confirmed the sovereign move of the Lord through their ministry. Salvation, miracles, and healings have occurred; prophecies have come to pass; generational curses and addictions have been broken; marriages have been restored; and the oppressed have been set free.


Jeff and Linda have served in served in various ministerial capacities since 1979. Subsequent to Christian Bible College, Jeff served as a Visitation Pastor and religious instructor for a local Pentecostal church. In 1996, Jeff and Linda were called to the prophetic/apostolic and in 2003 they were both ordained and commissioned with Christian International, Founder Bishop Dr. Bill Hamon.


Linda is the daughter of a Pastor and has actively ministered in various capacities since youth. In 1981, the Lord called her to join the United States Army and she is now a retired Colonel. Linda holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and three Master's Degrees to include Master of Science in Administration, Master of Science in Program Management and a Master of Education  in Counseling. Linda is a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) and holds a License for Professional Counseling (LPC). Areas of specialty counseling include marriage & family, and multi-cultural/multi-racial counseling.


As part of their prophetic/apostolic calling, the Lord has established them in the Washington, D.C. area, where they founded Prophetic Life Ministries International Church. PLM church has an international vision to be a covering and prophetic/apostolic center to raise, train and equip the Body of Christ to receive their fullness from the Spirit, and to provide prophetic/apostolic teaching, ministry, deliverance and marriage seminars.


Look for Linda's testimony of how God saved her life while stationed at the Pentagon on 9-11. Her book is available for a recommended church donation of only 7.00 dollars and can be ordered by mail.


Visit her website at

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