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To become a covenant partner with PLM, pledge to send us your monthly commitment of $10.00 for 12 months, or a one-time pledge of $120.00 dollars for the year.


To signup as a Covenant Partner, fill in the form below and we will mail you a Covenant Partner Certificate.

We Covenant ... with our Partners to:

  • Intercede for your prayer requests,

  • Send a prophecy or tape to you as the Spirit leads us,

Making Donations:

All donations to this ministry are tax-deductible.  Prophetic Life Ministries (PLM) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. Please make your check out to Prophetic Life Ministries and mail it to:

Prophetic Life Ministries (PLM)

P.O. Box 1262

Springfield, VA 22151-0262


Prayer Request:

If you are already a PLM Covenant Partner and would like to send your prayer request to us, fill in the form below.


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